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It is Sacred Heart Catholic School's policy to respect the privacy of all visitors regarding information that may be obtained or collected while viewing this website.

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This information is used solely to gauge and monitor analytical web traffic metrics and does not in any way personally identify our website visitors. This information is kept private and secure and is not shared, sold, traded, or distributed.

Information You Provide To Us

Information voluntarily provided to Sacred Heart Catholic School through the use of this website is kept private and will only be used in the way it was intended. For example, email addresses provided and given to us via the Contact Us page email submission form will only be used for communication purposes and to respond to any inquiries. Information provided to Sacred Heart Catholic School through the use of this website is accessible only to the Website Administrator and School Administration.

Cookie Policy

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General Copyright Notice

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Photograph/Image Policies & Copyright Notice

Sacred Heart Catholic School abides by the directive of the Media Release Consent Form signed by every parent/guardian upon registration. If your child/children appear in a photograph or image used on this website and you would like their photograph or image removed please contact the Website Administrator or the School Administration immediately.

All photos and photographic images found on this website, either used on individual pages or collected in galleries, are the copyright and intellectual property of Sacred Heart Catholic School and/or the individual photographers unless otherwise noted. Sacred Heart Catholic School does not accept unsolicited photo submissions.

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Blog Commenting Rules & Policies

The following rules and polices relate to the posting of public comments on the School News & Announcements blog. All visitors must acknowledge and accept these rules and policies before posting any comments.

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If you have any questions or concerns about Sacred Heart Catholic School's website Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, or your interaction with this website, please contact the Website Administrator or School Administration.