"Sacred Heart has taught me so much, it was not just about academics. It taught me what it means to have a family outside of your real family. Sacred Heart was not just my school, but my second home. At Sacred Heart, I learned many things, especially what it means to be an honorable person. I’m glad I was fortunate enough to not only be able to focus on academics, but also be able to practice my religion as well."

- Miranda, Class of 2016

"Reflecting on the 9 years I spent at Sacred Heart, I have come to realize how fortunate I was to attend the school. It acted as my second home in many ways and brought comfort to me numerous times. I was blessed to have been surrounded by many teachers and friends who cared for each other and showed me what it is like to have a second family. I was able to express myself and work alongside my peers through different extracurricular activities such as student council and the yearbook committee. Academically I learned a lot about religion, but was able to strengthen my relationship with God as well. By attending Sacred Heart you not only join a school, but a family."

- Audra, Class of 2016

"Sacred Heart was more than a school to me it was like a home. Here they taught me more than just how to read and write, they taught me more about my culture and beliefs . Sacred Heart taught me the values and discipline to be a good Christian. Sacred Heart has a great environment for your kids and everyone gets along, you create lifelong friendships with teachers and classmates. I feel that Sacred Heart really prepared me for high school and my future. I hope you really consider Sacred Heart as your school."

- Karla, Class of 2016

"Sacred Heart Catholic School offers great education with great teachers, staff, students, and priests. We learn a great amount of subjects including science, math, spelling, and most importantly religion."

- Tabitha, 5th Grade

"This school may be small but it has the best friends you could ask for. Your child will thrive, strive, and survive the real world after this school."

- Sophie, 5th Grade

"I love this school because everyone is very nice and we learn about God. We also go to Mass every Friday. I hope you enjoy the school as much as I do."

- Stephanie, 5th Grade

"This school will secure your child's future and will help them meet new people. Sacred Heart is very Catholic and is always respecting Jesus."

- Francisco, 5th Grade

"I like this school because I get to learn about God. I also like it because of the teachers, they are really nice and teach you about God and God's people. I would never let this school go!"

- Alma, 5th Grade

"Sacred Heart Catholic School offers a great education for everyone. The reason I love this school is beacuse it is a private place where you can learn about God."

- Sandy, 5th Grade